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Family picture sitting on wagon axle in country.Hello! Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about us!

Everyone on this good earth struggles with different things from time to time. Having a positive outlook on life might be difficult for some people, especially when they have anxiety, depression, or very high stress. Your struggles may range from making a simple phone call, to wanting an organized home, to enjoying time with loved ones again.

With anxiety and depression, or any curve balls life throws at us, that can be a real challenge.  But we can do it! And we would love to help you!

 Our Hope

Our hope is to provide inspiring stories and solutions for anyone who needs to be uplifted. We want you to be able to get out of bed every day, help your family, learn something new, and most importantly, grow. As we continue to learn new things every day, we hope to share what we have learned with you. This is our way of teaching others the power of positive thinking and applying life lessons to everyday challenges.

Our Story

Our family’s journey through this life has come equipped with the challenge of anxiety and depression. Within this blog, we will openly discuss Rick’s and Chandra’s challenges of anxiety and depression. However, we will be using fake (fun made up) names for our children and their faces will not be shown until they are 18.  Anxiety and depression do not care who we are. It doesn’t care that we are a mother, a father, or a six-year-old girl. It doesn’t care that we have plans to go to school, work, or enjoy our time at an amusement park. Chandra has experienced anxiety attacks for absolutely no reason at all. She’ll just be making dinner and all of a sudden, she can’t breathe because she’s hyperventilating. She’ll refuse to go to a dinner party with several friends because she can’t stop crying due to her social anxiety.

We have had to dress our daughter as though she were a toddler to literally push her out the door to go to school. Our daughter has spent several recess minutes in class because she can’t take tests at school because she’s so nervous. She has constant stomach aches. Not because she has allergies or a gluten intolerance, believe me, we’ve had her tested. We’ve missed out on so many fun family activities because we can’t get our daughter to try new things.

We can’t have a dog, or any pet for that matter because Rick’s anxiety was in high gear when we tried that. He couldn’t sleep and stressed about the dog 24-7.

Our Plan

We want to share our journey with you. We have learned some incredibly valuable life lessons and have been able to pull through our anxiety, depression, and very high stress and be able to live full lives. Our lives are not perfect and we still have so much to learn. This blog has brought our family closer together. We are able to understand each other better while also having our readers in mind.

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The Musician
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The Artist
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The Adventurer
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The Snuggler

DISCLAIMER: Neither Rick nor Chandra are a doctor, counselor, therapist, or psychologist. We certainly don’t know everything about mental illnesses; We only know what has helped us and our family. Everything you will see on this site is real life experiences and tried and true methods.

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Enjoy the journey!

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